We are here to Help "U" Grow

The Help Us Grow Reading Program was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 2015. 

Janine Broussard, the Founder, developed the program to change the trajectory of struggling 2nd and 3rd grade readers by using a scripted curriculum. In 2016, volunteer JoAnn Myers came on board, and together, they worked to enhance and adapt their program into one that focuses on reading, developing soft social skills, and making the student’s accountable for their learning, hence growing community from within. 

"I was seeing children who weren't just behind academically, but due to personal circumstances, they had become socially stunted and weren't learning at all. By incorporating character building activities into our program, we help open the child up to learning anything, not just how to read." 

--- Janine Broussard, Founder

A 990 form is available upon request.