Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) helps struggling readers transition into proficient readers, thus helping students become successful learners who can achieve their potential. We are helping children become strong, confident, successful adults through proficient reading, so they can BE THE DIFFERENCE in their communities.

Description: Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) is a tutoring program founded by Janine Broussard. H.U.G. trains volunteer staff using a scripted curriculum vetted by Jefferson County Public School. The H.U.G. Reading Program helps struggling readers reach grade level reading, specifically focusing on 2nd and 3rd graders.

Three Prong Approach: We want to Help Grow networks/communities using a three prong approach.

  1. Students: H.U.G. helps foster student growth, both socially and emotionally, through mentoring and encouraging the deliberate practice of reading skills.
  2. Teachers/schools: H.U.G. assists teachers and reading specialist by supporting struggling students with reading comprehension. H.U.G. collects comprehension data and assists in elevating the students to be on reading-level for their grade.
  3. Tutors: H.U.G. is building a network of passionate people that want to help change their community through tutoring at elementary schools. H.U.G provides training and promises to honor the volunteers' time. Tutors feel accomplished knowing they are making a difference in the community. We will collect data and measure the effectiveness and success of each student.