Volunteer with the H.U.G. Reading Program

How to Become a H.U.G. Volunteer: Tutor or Speaker

We are so excited for you to join our program!  There are two rewarding opportunities for you to BE THE DIFFERENCE in a young person's life:  H.U.G Tutors and BE THE DIFFERENCE Speakers. 

H.U.G. Tutors

Work one on one with a child to take them on a journey through our reading program, empowering them to become readers. Our proven program gives you the tools to BE THE DIFFERENCE in a child's reading ability and also their life.


Spend just a few minutes with a group of H.U.G. students at one of our schools.  They use this important time to share a personal story that empowers, inspires, and encourages students to BE THE DIFFERENCE in their own lives.

"These volunteers are going to grow so much in so many ways. Their lives will be touched and this will forever be etched in their memories." - Rose Fowler