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LaToya Johnson's Journey at H.U.G.

Updated: Apr 30

My name is LaToya, I am a mom of two beautiful children, and a college student at Spalding University where I am studying to receive my Bachelor’s in Social Work. I found the Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) Reading Program through an opportunity with the Federal Work Study Program at Spalding, and when I learned more about the program, I knew that it would be a great match for me! When I started working with H.U.G., I met with Janine, the Founder & CEO, and in discussion with her, I found that H.U.G. also partners with Family Scholar House, a local Louisville foundation that helps single parents and foster children that have phased out of the system. They provide support and resources to transcend poverty as residents are getting their education to support themselves and their families for generations to come. All of these incredible community-based programs are offering a promise for our future, and allowing me to achieve my BSW to then further support and uplift my community in as many ways as possible. I am grateful for Family Scholar House, Spalding, and the connection with H.U.G. for providing these opportunities for parents like me who wish to provide a better life for their children. My experience with these organizations has added to my resiliency and my success. If you too want to make an impact for your community, you can volunteer as a tutor with H.U.G. and directly impact the lives of children in your community by lifting literacy and creating lifelong learners.

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