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Customer Relationship Management Software Learning

Updated: Apr 30

During my time at the Help Us Grow Reading Program I have gained additional computer skills to add to my pre-existing knowledge base.

HUG utilizes a customer relational management software called Zoho One, which organizes our tutor contacts, email correspondences, project boards and more. This CRM helps to keep everyone on track in regards to on-going projects for each team. For example, on the Data Team project board, they can categorize tasks by “in-progress,” “waiting for approval,” and “closed.” By organizing these projects by status, we can keep the team up-to-date when meetings occur. Additionally, on the Contacts page we can filter by groups and organizations in which those individuals belong to. By doing so, we can send out mass emails to them and keep them updated on all things HUG.

I am thankful for the continued growth that HUG continues to provide for me. Here’s to more learning, opportunities, and teamwork at HUG!

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